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How the Affordable Care Act Affects Pregnant Women in 2014

Author: Stephen David Frausto, M.D., FACOG

As kinks in the new healthcare laws are currently being worked out, many families are curious to know how the Affordable Care Act affects pregnant women. In the most basic terms, the new healthcare laws (often referred to as “Obamacare”) are designed to remove barriers to healthcare and increase pregnant women’s rights and protections. A few benefits of the new healthcare laws include:

  • Your benefit summaries must be presented in an easy-to-understand, readable format.
  • Basic paperwork mistakes can no longer be used as grounds for dropping coverage.
  • Coverage for patients with preexisting conditions must be made available.
  • You have access to consumer assistance services.
  • Rate hikes of 10 percent or more must be reviewed by outside, third-party evaluators.
  • You have options in choosing your physician.
  • You can see an OB-GYN without your primary physician’s referral.

The list goes on, but the short of it is that the Affordable Care Act is designed to make healthcare more convenient and more affordable for all patients, including pregnant women. (Learn more.)

Pregnancy-Specific Benefits of the New Healthcare Laws

The main benefits are as follows:

  • Prenatal care visits are covered.
  • An initial iron deficiency/anemia screening is covered.
  • Initial screenings for a variety of infections, ranging from STDs to UTIs are covered.
  • Gestational diabetes screenings are covered.
  • Folic acid supplements are provided.
  • Rh incompatibility screenings are covered.
  • Breastfeeding education, as well as supplies and counseling, is available.
  • Alcohol and tobacco counseling is now available.
  • Birth control is available for after the birth of your baby.

These are just a few of the helpful ways in which the Affordable Care Act affects pregnant women. Details of these benefits may vary slightly, depending on your health insurance provider. For complete information about how the Affordable Care Act affects pregnant women in 2014, talk to your insurance provider.

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