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Maternity Care

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Obstetric Services

At Steward Medical Group Women’s Health Associates, we provide high-quality obstetric services, delivering the special attention that all mothers–to–be and new mothers deserve. With your health, comfort, and safety as our top priorities, our services include:

  • Gynecologic and first-trimester ultrasound
  • Contraception counseling and management
  • Prenatal counseling and management
  • Pregnancy management
  • Lactation consulting
  • Conventional, high–risk and multiple pregnancy care
  • Fetal growth and maternal health monitoring
  • Fertility Care
  • Genetic counseling
  • Health screening tests
  • Labor and delivery services (vaginal and cesarean)
  • Ultrasound and specific genetic testing
  • Buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction in pregnancy
  • Preconception care

Steward Medical Group Women’s Health Associates is affiliated with Mountain Vista Medical Center, which provides private, spacious, comfortably furnished labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum suites with innovative technology to deliver safe and secure environments for you and your baby. Should you require a Caesarean section, Mountain Vista Medical Center features an advanced surgical unit. And whether your baby resides in your room or in one of the hospital’s nurseries, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your newest family member is receiving the best care possible. Mountain Vista Medical Center offers prenatal classes and lactation assistance for mothers who choose to breastfeed.

What To Expect

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events of a woman’s life. Every mother, pregnancy and birth is unique. At Steward Medical Group Women’s Health Associates, we tailor our care to meet you and your baby’s needs. Below is a list of services we can provide during this dedicated time.

  • Care of low-risk and at-risk pregnancy
  • Referral for/or the co-management of high-risk pregnancy
  • Multiple Gestations
  • Ongoing surveillance to detect and monitor complications

Routinely, prenatal visits are scheduled:

  • Every 4 weeks from your 1st visit until 28 weeks
  • Every 2-to-3 weeks from 28 weeks until 36 weeks
  • Weekly after 36 weeks until delivery.

The frequency of your visits will change if your pregnancy is considered high-risk, or your provider feels you need to be evaluated more frequently.

You can expect to have over 10 visits during the duration of your pregnancy. During these visits, your provider will be evaluating your health, and the health of your baby. This is also the time when you can ask questions about your concerns and expectations. Be prepared. Write down your questions and bring them with you. Keep your appointments or quickly reschedule them if unforeseen emergencies arise. EVERY visit is important!

For high-risk pregnancies, we integrate our services with Fetal Diagnostic Center to provide the necessary support for your pregnancy. The perinatologists at Fetal Diagnostic Center can perform higher level testing, surveillance, counseling and interventions. Referrals can be made for: perinatology consultation only, high-resolution diagnostic ultrasound studies, collaborative pregnancy management and comprehensive management through delivery.

Click here to learn more about Fetal Diagnostic Center.

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