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Prevent Falls At Home – Taking Care of Yourself & Parents

Author: Andrew Adamson, D.O.

One in three adults over the age of 65 falls each year. Twenty to 30 percent of those falls result in a moderate to severe injury that makes independent living less likely and increases the risk of early death. In 2012, emergency crews treated 2.4 million nonfatal cases – 722,000 of which resulted in hospitalization. The total 2012 medical cost of falls in older adults? $30 billion.

– Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Falls are a serious problem in the older adult population. But many adults entering their golden years are unwilling to address the natural changes in balance, frame, strength, and other characteristics that may put them at an increased risk for falls.

10 Tips On How To Prevent Falls At Home

Whether you’re concerned about an older parent or are an older adult yourself, there are several things you can do to help prevent falls at home. For patients with osteoporosis or a history of falls, I can’t stress enough the importance of instituting some or all of these measures.

  1. Keep active. Walk at least five days a week, if possible. Walking helps maintain strength in the legs and joints. Plus, it offers many other health benefits.
  2. Have an eye exam.
  3. Know the side effects of your medications (dizziness, drowsiness, etc.).
  4. Wear shoes with a good non-slip sole.
  5. Critically examine your house, which may include…
  6. Removing stacks of papers and clutter on the floor.
  7. Covering and securing any loose cables.
  8. Updating the bathroom with assistive devices around the toilet and shower.
  9. Getting rid of rugs or fixing them to the floor.
  10. Removing low tables or other items from tight spaces, such as the area around a doorway.

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At Arizona Associates for Women’s Health, Mesa gynecologists, such as my colleagues and myself, offer full-scale women’s health services. The risks of osteoporosis and falling at home are just as significant as any reproductive health issues we may treat. To schedule a wellness exam with your Mesa gynecologist, call 480-844-4702. You can also schedule online.
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