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Who Should Seek Fertility Care? Is Infertility Treatment Right for Me?

Author: Elizabeth Shrader, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC

What’s normal? It’s the question that sits in the back of most everyone’s mind – whether the topic’s a salary or an exercise habit. Normalcy is the baseline against which we measure ourselves in all departments. It makes sense that so many women seeking infertility treatment here in Mesa and Tempe want to know, “When’s the right time – the normal time – to get professional care?”

It may sound like a medical cliche, but the truth is, every patient and their circumstance is unique. This is a principle we hold strongly at Arizona Associates for Women’s Health – whether we’re providing fertility care or managing a chronic illness.

Age & History – When to Get Fertility Care in Mesa/Tempe

While any woman concerned about her reproductive health has the right to seek treatment, we do offer standard recommendations for patients’ peace of mind. Our recommendations on when to seek fertility care depend on your age and your medical history.

  • Under 35: Seek treatment after 12 months or more of frequent unprotected sex.
  • 35-40: Seek treatment after 6 months or more of frequent unprotected sex.
  • Over 40: Seek treatment after 3 months or more of frequent unprotected sex.

Age isn’t the only known factor that may increase your risk for infertility. If your menstrual cycles are not regular you may talk to a fertility specialist in the area sooner than the 12-month mark. Also, women who have had miscarriages, been treated for cancer, have (or have had) a disease in the pelvic area, or have had fertility issues in the past may wish to seek fertility care sooner than the 12-month mark.

Take a Fertility Questionnaire to Learn More

To learn more about fertility and your infertility treatment options in Mesa and Tempe, AZ, we invite you to fill out this brief fertility questionnaire. Once you submit, a professional from Arizona Associates for Women’s Health will contact you. Call 480-257-2700 to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist.

Please consult with your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. If you have concerns about when to seek fertility care, talk to your doctor. These views do not substitute for seeing your physician and getting a professional opinion based on your health and history.



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